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Connecticut Wing Chun
School of Kung Fu

New students are welcome to join us for our weekly group practice. Our course is open to the public with enrollment and membership options to fit any budget or schedule. Ask for your introductory class.

Connecticut Wing Chun
School of Kung Fu.

Offering Martial Arts classes for adults and children in cumulative weekly group practice.
Kung Fu study material is taught using a classical practice of the Yip Man System of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Today’s version of this martial art, is a powerful and intelligent hand-to-hand combat system. We offer focused course material on each component of the traditional Wing Chun System.

It should be said that when using the Wing Chun style, we do not practice “self defense”, instead, we use “the attack to defend.” This ancient formula is successful when we use the approach in combat, physical body training, and our daily lives.

Wing Chun Lessons and Demonstrations.

CT Wing Chun Training Resources and Memberships