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Wing Chun Seminar December 16th 2018


Sunday, December 16th 2018 10:00am — 5:00pm

Long Format Day of Lessons.
This seminar will be operated like a long full day of lessons. Attendees will learn according to their level in Wing Chun. Beginners and advanced practitioners welcome. This event is open to the public and martial artists of any style. A great opportunity to condense months of training into one single day event. 

Please bring a lunch, a snack, and plenty of water. Any kind of work out gear, and please wear clean light weight shoes.

$40 CTWCK/PSDTC Active Members
$50 prepay { NON MEMBERS }
$60 at the door { NON MEMBERS }

9:30am Check in – Meet & Greet
10am–1pm Warm ups, Forms, Drills, Conditioning
1pm–2pm Lunch Break
2pm–5pm Drilling & Sticky Hands.